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Here Are Some Factors behind a Playing Addiction

May 10, 2017

What are some of the factors behind a playing addiction? Being a former gambler and mental health counselor, I use done plenty of analysis on why people develop a playing problem. What I have discovered is that there is more than one cause of gambling addiction and that even though it is important to learn the reason, the answer is much more important. Click the link for more information about gambling help and gambling self exclusion.

Here are some of the many factors behind gambling addiction:

o Gambling is usually exciting while the gambler is in activity. The adrenaline high senses good, and it is quite easy to get addicted to these "feel good" chemicals in our human brain.
o Gambling compulsively may fill a void for most people using a gambling problem. This void could be in numerous parts of one's lifestyle. Poor social life, solitude, job unhappiness, empty-nest syndrome, dullness, and lack of purpose can all lead to a playing addiction.
o A huge win on the casino will be the worst achievable event for anyone using a propensity regarding addiction. The adrenaline high of a huge jackpot can fuel future addiction like jet energy in a airplane. Most, if not all people give back the winnings from their jackpot, plus much more money as well.
o Escape from emotional pain and psychological distress can also fuel a gambling condition. This is especially true regarding "escape gamblers" who else mostly play slot machines, lottery, or partake in on-line internet playing.
o For "action gamblers", the craving for action and feeling very important to others can fuel a gambling addiction. Action gamblers are mostly masculine and are usually sports betters, poker players, and racetrack gamblers.
o The thrill of "easy money" can fuel a playing addiction, especially if the playing addict has a long thread of wins at the beginning of their playing career.
o People with anxiety and/or depressive disorder have show a solid propensity regarding gambling problem as well as other addictive problems.
o People with first degree relatives with a playing addiction have a stronger propensity to develop this addiction by themselves.

They are just some of the general factors behind a playing problem, however , there are several more as well. In addition , each unique individual will have different reasons behind using a problem with playing, and no two circumstances are the same.

The most important thing, nevertheless , is that once some of the factors behind a playing problem are set up, the individual seeks immediate help for his or her problem.

The solutions, which include abstinence from gambling, professional help, and support groups, self-care, and lifestyle changes are most important in reclaiming ones' lifestyle from a playing addiction. For more info go to Gambling problem.

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